How to insert my own cosmetic into a sentry

is there a way to insert your own cosmetic into a sentry.

No you cannot. Sentry skin options are only limited to:
Sentry Robot, Green Evil Plant and Pink Evil Plant.
However there is a glitch (i think it only applies for the host) where the sentry has a normal gim skin (a random-skin color is chosen)
It normally happens when you lag or as soon as you open your game, you start it.

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You could place a ladybug or spider above it. Text would also work
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You could use pixel art.


Just slap down some props on top of them

If you activate and deactivate it fast enough, its skin won’t show, but it will still shoot, and you can put pixel art or a prop on top of it. This does make the sentry kind of op though

It also creates a lot of lag.

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It is not possible for you to get a gim on a sentry, but as @WhereIsMyHat and @NextLevel said, you can put stickers and text and etc on the sentry. If the sentry is on top, make sure to use the layers option.
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