How to increment a property

How to do a increment a property

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Use a trigger connected to a counter, or a item granter linked up with a IIM!

They both can be linked up to a property!

Also, you can use a devices’ block code to directly increment a property that way!


anything with block code can do this:
when its triggered, make it so that it sets the value of the property to that property +1

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Set the counter to have a property , and place a property device for that property and set that property type to number if you are using a counter

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how do open the blocks menu

Go into any device with blocks (like a trigger), and go to the blocks tab!

you find a device with block code (Trigger, Item Granter, Text, Knockout Manager, Inventory Item Manager, Popup, Notification, Tag Zone, Questioner, Game Overlay), then click the button in the top left that says “blocks”

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