How to I make a Ui like this

I want to know how to make a shopkeeper Ui like this one:

I know it involves game overlays, but I don’t know exactly how to do it. help?

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If you see pop up type, there’s 2. Center and modal I think. Do the one that slides up from the bottom.

Also, it’s a popup. Not game overlay. There’s 2 types, center and modal I think. Do modal. Pretty sure. If it’s not that, then do the other one.

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ok thanks, but how do I add the buttons to it like I saw on the right

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Also, idk how to make the buttons 0-0

intersting. I STILL NEED AN ANSWER!! :confused:

its a popup with 2 calls to action
wired to button
go to the call to action part when u click on it
then hit the label and make it say whatever
then you can wire it to smth

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do you know how I can put the buttons on there as well?

what’s a call to cation?

the buttons. It’s in one of the tabs for the pop up. Check them out! (I can’t respond anymore, I’m busy. You can speak with someone else here though!)

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click on the popup
do it
it says on top call to action

Ok!! I got it
I don’t need help anymore

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