How to I do this with the leaderboard, or other choice using player ID's (I like the player ID version more.)

I’m making a K/D ratio, and I want it so the person with the most knockouts is at the top, but it displays the K/D ratio, not just knockouts.

This is my setup:

How do I make the person with the most KO’s apear on the top.


If this is impossible, can do at least do this:
You can also make it so it displays the ratio on a marble sign with text, that also works.

I actually think i’ll use the learderboard for something else, so, I would prefer the marble sign version.

Isn’t it just the defualt setting of the game?

No, that shows the knockouts you have. I want it to show the K/D ratio but rank people by their knockouts.

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I found this guide. It seems to be the same.

I have no clue then. I’m better at basic block code, sorry @gimmaster12345, but I’ll keep thinking about it.


Plus, I also need help with displaying the ratio

That uses a end game widget. I want this on the leaderboard, so its visible for everyone.

You can also make it so it displays the ratio on a marble sign with text, that also works.

So, leader-board or marble sign, but it displays for everyone, and says their name.

This needs player ID’s, right?

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I would think so… (I’m not an expert on it)

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Does anyone know much about player ID’s? This is a bit urgent.

ids… like in game? i could help u there!

Yeah, I either want it to rank people on the learderboard with knockouts, but the learderboard displays a K/D ratio and not knockouts.

Or, you can show the K/D ratio for all the players on a sign, and label what player has the K/D ratio.

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ok, i actually dont know much about the k/d ratios. :confused:

It’s a thing in battle royales, example:

K/D ratio of Gimmaster: 3563/6

The K is the amount of times you knocked someone else out, and the D is the amount of times you were knocked out.

dang bro, i actually afraid of 1v1-ing u in a gkc now

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