How to Have A Required Resource To Reload A Weapon

How do I make it so the player needs an Item to reload their weapon?

you can’t change ammo for a gun sadly, and the reload button is automatic so I don’t think this is possible, let me check

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Go to Map Options, Items and Set Infinite Refills to no.
If you want the player to have a different item other than the ammo type/shard to reload, you can have a Game Overlay, make it say “Reload” and open a bunch of popups for the weapon you want to reload.
Then, wire the Call-To-Actions to Run a Check for the specific item you want.
Check passes, grant item and take away current gadget (new weapon so it has a fresh magazine)

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yeah okay or that lol

No, there’s a option on settings that says,
Screenshot 2024-01-13 10.15.34 AM
So how do I make it so when they reload they need something.

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