How to halve items! [🟩 1/10]

Just helped @helpful_man make this system and thought it was cool, so I thought I’d make a guide on it!

Disclaimer: this function does exist. You can drop half of an item out of your inventory. This guide is for if you want to REMOVE half of the items from the players inventory.


You’ll need an item granter, a property, and an inventory item manager, plus whatever function you want to halve the items. Here, I used a knockout manager.

Inventory Item Manager

This is very straightforward, we’re using the property for the item to store info for later.


These are the exact settings for the property that you should use, unless you wanted to experiment with some sort of global version where everyone can change the item count.

Knockout Manager

As I said before, you can use whatever function you want, but if you want to have it when the player is knocked out, this is how. If you need help making a function, reply and I or someone else will be glad to help!

I totally forgot to add this lol

Item Granter

We set a variable to save space for extra blocks if we need them. Then we grant 0 - variable (which is the same as variable * -1) to remove all of the item. Then we grant variable / 2 to give half of what we had back. You can change the 2 to whatever number you want; just be careful of decimal numbers, if you have any, be sure to add a round function.

A very simple and fun mechanic to add to your games!


this is nice and all, but note that we don’t use easy anymore

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Fun Fact: Players can also do this manually by selecting “Drop Half” In a detailed items description.

removed easy

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Pictures are worth a thousand words, but words are… well… words. I don’t see any words. I kind of see how you organized the guide, but the guide would be more clear with words.

I’ll add some information on how this works. This guide was very small and I put it together very quickly.

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pretty cool guide, but as @JohanGim said:

But it can be a faster way to do it since you have to go all the way in to the detailed item description thing just to get it.


@unavailible I added some detailed descriptions on how everything works.

@wait.what.626Youtube I added a disclaimer based on the drop half function.