How to grant random player on team 1 a gadget?

OK so i am making a game where there is a wolf (i already have this part) and a hunter. the rest of the people are innocent. i need to switch a random player from team 1 (innocent) to team 3 (hunter), while granting a slingshot. i already have it so wolf can tag people to eliminate them, where wolf is on team 2. so in all, i have 3 teams. team 1 is innocent. team 2 is wolf. team 3 is hunter. i need help with one of the players on team 1 switching to team 3 while granting them a slingshot.

Use the random player option on the relay device.

i already have that it isnt working

you will first get another relay (all players on specific team: 1) and then connect that to the “random player”

Life cycle, game start. Relay to random player on team 1 then item granter.

You can use wires if you want. (or channels too, channels are better but wires are much easier but less customizable)

wait, wouldn’t that like trigger all players on specific team 1 to like trigger the relay?

Ok, so you might have to give everyone on team 1 a specific item, so it will pseudoteam them. Make a relay to a random player, and if they have a blue seed, then proceed with the giving of the gadget. If they don’t have a blueseed, trigger the relay again.

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ok so i have no idea what any of that means but im just trying to get team 3 a gadget.

so are you …

oh your playing murd mystery?

i already have it so a random player from team 1 gets switched over to team 3 that isnt wolf (team 2). i just need that player that was switched from team 1 to team 3 to be granted a slingshot.

txme_lxss ya im doing murd mystery

is team 3 the sheriff or murd?

sheriff (Hunter) is team 3


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as u can see i have item granter hooked up to team switcher and it doesnt grant item (slingshot)

Make the relay trigger a wire repeater with a delay of 1 second. Make the wire repeater trigger the item granter.

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didnt work i have it like this


Ok. Make it so a random player using a relay is given a blue seed.

Use a relay on everyone and make it transmit a channel that triggers a checker. If the checker fails, just do nothing. If a checker passes, then change their team to 3. Also give them a gadget.

Try that maybe…

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like this?

There is a “Random Player On Specific Team” option in the relay