How To Grant Items Random Items For A Knockout

I will show you how to grant items for a knockout.
You will need:

  • Lifecycle
  • Trigger
  • Item Granters (Your choice of how many)

Credits to @mysz for this guide How to Get a Random Weapon Upon Knockout! Difficulty 🟩 or 2/10!

First set the Lifecycle to track: Player Knocks Out. The set trigger to not be visible in game and have it not trigger by collision. Then Wire it to the Trigger: Event Occurs > Trigger.

Then in the block code of the Trigger:

It should look something like this but you can change the Granted items channels and the numbers. Then put item granters that grant their item after they receive on the channel that you put in the triggers code. (You can use this to remove random items too)

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Happy Gimkiting!


Cool guide, Very helpfull for a battle royal map!


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Great guide!
This has already been made though, you might want to credit this guide by mysz.

You could simplify the code with concatenation to look like this:

set [Variable] to random integer from # to #
Broadcast message on channel | Create text with "RandomItem"

The randomizer will broadcast on “RandomItem” and the number it rolled, then you can make Item Granters that grant when receiving on the channels RandomItem1, 2 etc.