How to grant items from a Questioner (For Beginners)

For the above
Materials needed: 1 Questioner, an item granter, and some wires.

Hoped this helped you!

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Come on. People aren’t dumb enough to need this. Please don’t make guides this simple.


just wire it to an item granter obvi

I saw a help topic on this so maybe some people do need it.

This is in the GKC tutorial.

It’s not that hard.


Just because there’s a help post on that doesn’t mean that there needs to be an entire guide on that.


It’s… It’s literally called an item granter. Please, next time, make a guide on something people don’t know.


I mean, technically it’s GKC and it’s not a duplicate.

*shrugs in french * be our guest, i guess

some random fight is going to grow here.

I do not also mean to start, and i get it, you may have not read the WHOLE page on the documentary thing.

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This guide is for beginners, I don’t even know why you are reading it.

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i’m sorry, but “Any item” is not allowed, please pick a random item or it will not work

It’s an example

oh ok

It isn’t offensive.
People here are just correcting you because short guides like this are not needed, it’s literally already in the docs AND the tutorial, everyone should be able to do this, even regardless of completing the tutorial or seeing the docs.
(I hope so.)

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Thanks for quoting the FAQ. I think that your topic is spam. We don’t need more posts like ones we already have. This guide, and any guide that is this simple, do not really need to be posted. It is safe to assume that people know how wires work, and how to connect a questioner to an item granter.

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If someone needs it or reads it, then see your post, your sorta insulting them.

People haven’t made this yet. It’s about GKC. I don’t see the problem.

All the people who actually read guides don’t need to see this; it’s the people who don’t read guides or search things up who need things like this.

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