How To Grant Instant Health

How do you grant instant heath upon picking up a med kit?

Do you mean right after you pick it up you get granted health?

Have you played gimkit arsenal before?

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I have one of these guides:

yes, the one on yesterdays game night?

That’s so off-topic.

You can bypass the 20 character limit by putting letters in <> brackets. Make sure there is enough letters to bypass the limit.

If so, connect a lifecycle set to game start to a relay, then to a checker. Connect the checker to a wire repeater (check fails → ) connect the wire repeater to the checker. Make the checker check if you have >0 medkits. Connect the checker to a health granter (check passes → ) then connect it to both an item granter that takes away a medkit and the wire repeater. If this works, mark it as a solution.

Look at the guide above for it.


@wingwave just so I know if they want specifically that, also thanks for playing gimkit arsenal!

@TheR, listen to what @NavyCatZ said. It should work. if it does, remember to mark a solution!


I missed yesterday’s game night :sob:

@TheR or you could mark the post above as a solution. Remember, you also need a relay connected to the lifecycle or else the repeater will only for the host!


Josh was there and he played my mode! He said it was cool, and now I’m happy :smile:. Oh, and after Josh and I left apparently the 20 or so people in chat played one way out gimpossible, and beat it. That’s the second ever completion in history!

it doesn’t work for me.

Check out the guide I posted above.


What’s your discord user?

That doesn’t help me grant health.

no numbers or special characters

It does. Read the entire thing.

oh okay

it works!



Gimkit Arsenal

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