How to Grant Health and Shield When an Item is Granted

So I’m making a game where a player gets a gold seed from an item spawner and then a button appears. If they press the button, their health and shield regenerates completely. Can anyone show me how to do this?

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get a trigger loop and a checker that checks for gold seed = 1.
check passes → grant player health and shield from health granter.
make health granter grant health, then shield.
or use coolcaden26’s recommended guide.

The checker’s setup


Wire setup

oh my bad. I thought the player got infinite regen

@Lww and @Kosm0-o, can you elaborate? What is infinite regeneration?

regeneration that goes on forever as long as they have that item. that’s what I thought you were asking for…

No, sorry. I just want them to have that health, and then they can lose health afterwards. The health will only be refilled when they get the item again.

then do what lww showed you

Wait, I’m editing, there’s something ! forgot to add

Health granter?

Ok, I finished editing.

I figured it out, sorry for the inconvenience everyone!

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