How to give yourself GodMode! [DIFFICULTY: 🟨 4/10]

In this post, I will show you how to give yourself or someone with a certain name godmode (10x damage, 4x speed)! This gives it to only you and nobody else! (THIS IS A GUIDE THAT HAS BEEN MADE BEFORE! I JUST MADE A NEWER VERSION)
First, place down a lifecycle that listens for game start.

Next, place down a relay that has a relay audience of all players. Wire the lifecycle to the relay.

Now for the tricky part, place down a trigger (visible in game no, trigger by collision no) and add this block of code (when triggered). Wire the relay to the trigger; relay trigger—>trigger

Change B1NARY C0DE to whatever your name is or whatever another player’s name is (maybe a friend’s username), and you can change the broadcast on channel to whatever channel you like.

Now for the damage and speed! First, place down a damage boost, put it at any number, boost duration: forever, activate when receiving on channel: (whatever you put for your block of code in the trigger). Do the exact same thing with the speed boost! (Damage and speed boosts are optional. You can use it to give yourself any weapon, as long as it is receiving on the channel you put in your block of code.)

I believe that is it! If it doesn’t work or if I missed something, please let me know! (Credit to @bushenberg)!

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This has already been created… on multiple occasions too…

You might want to discard of this guide.

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this is a duplicate guide,
but nice job tho

not nice job duplicating, nice job making and explaining
Just search to see if there are already similar topics before creating them next time