How to give team 2 guns but not the others in the game

when they spawn only one person in team 2 would have a gun but nobody else would know, how do I do that?

Lifecycle (game start) —> Relay (specific team—> team 2) —> item granter


Set thne item granter give players on team 2 weapons after they spawn.
Use a Lifecycle connected to a Relay to an Item Granter.

ok I will try it

its not working

Screenshot 2023-11-07 8.12.03 AM
Did I do it right?

uhhh hellooo

What are your wire settings

llifecycle > relay > item granter

Oh wait are you testing it with just you? It might be spawning you on team one instead of two have 2 tabs open to test

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Yes you need an alt or a freind, so one is on each team.

I do

I got one tab here
Screenshot 2023-11-07 8.23.58 AM

What are your team settings? Are they random?

I put a random player to be on the other team, and since he is the only one in that team he is the one who gets the gun, if you can understand what I’m saying

Okay so that system might not be working right

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If you have a system where a single person is put on team two a few seconds after the game starts you need to use a trigger and set it to trigger a little bit after the team switch.
Also make sure to turn off the leaderboard so that people will not know who is on team 2.

yeah, it worked, thanks

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