How to give players a gadget

I need to give players gadgets to defeat a sentry, but i don’t know how. Can you guys help me? Or should I give up and make something different?

i really wanted use the poll, that’s why i gave you options🤣

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Item granter, spawner, starting inventory, take your pick!
Heck, even a vending machine would work if you have a currency!

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To give them a gadget, use an item granter if you need them to press a button for it or you can use the starting inventory to give them a gadget

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That’s the thing, everytime I look in one of them, i cant find it!

This guide will help probably :grin:


What do you mean? You just have to type in the device

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idk, it wont show up

Omg, I didnt realize everytime I typed Zapper i would spell it wrong. becuase of my new nails, its hard to type. Sorry for the confusion everyone!

IMAO, fashion < function

Hence, I have no friends.

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