How to give an item health

I want to give an item health for a repair table

You want an item to have health?!?!?! Also, I’m not fully understanding.

yes. i want that. just so i know how

i want to make a repair table for a minecraft game

So an anvil? I get it. First get a counter. What are you wanting to go down in health? Weapon or item?

weapon. In minecraft, if you use a sword or pickaxe, it drains health and eventually dissapears from your inventory

I know how it works now. On everything the weapon is shooting make it damagable. Then, give me a moment to think.

then what. I need it so i can increase the weapons health using the anvil

Ok, I’ll try to walk you through this (I’ll make you do a little thinking):
1: Get a counter.
2: Get what you’re shooting at.
3: Get a weapon.
How do you think we could decrease the counter? In the end this’ll make the weapon disappear. We can also repair it in a way I’ll explain.


When prop detroyed decrement counter

Also, I’m gonna go.

i think i have a way to decrease the health

for @Captain-Gim

Just fyi you should probably use a system to track ammo loss instead of using damageable props because then they would have to be one-shot to accurately take away weapon health unless you used a channel multiplier that broadcasts x times for x prop health

you give health to the prop, and send out a channel when it is knocked out. This decrements the counter, which is the health. When the counter reaches its target, use an item granter and set it to grant -1 weapon

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