How to get the player zone for a certain team

how to get the player zone for a certain team to get the notification

Can you please explain what you mean more?

We need more clarification.
Do you mean how to get all player from a certain team that are in the zone or have a zone for only one team.

yes that is what I mean

To make a zone active for only one team, have it inactive on game start. Set the activation scope to ‘team’. Then have someone on the team you want to have it activate it and only their team will have it.

They can activate it by pressing a button wired to the zone, or triggering a trigger wired to the zone. It could also be activated by a game start lifecycle wired to a relay set to all players wired to a wire repeater set to the team you want to activate it for. [There are other ways, but these are likely options.]

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Uh which one the first or second

  1. Zone for only one team
  2. All players from a certain team in a zone
  1. Zone for only one team

Set the zones scope to team.

Set zone scope to team and have it deactivated on start have a lifecycle to a relay for the team you want and have the relay turn on the zone

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can you show me a pic

No, I can’t. It’s pretty much just wiring. The settings for the zone are in the ‘Availability’ tab if you are having trouble finding them.