How to get the game stop when reached destination?

Can someone help me with this?

(Zone) Player enters zone ---------> End game (end game device)

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i need help with the game ending because it wouldn’t stop the game when i put checkers

i already did that gimmaster12345

What?! End Game does it’s name, how could it not work?

it is not working pls help

If the game doesn’t have a checker, it stops the game. But if there is a checker, it doesn’t stop the game?

Shouldn’t this go to bugs section then?

Yeah, the end game often works. This is a bug if it doesn’t work

yea gimmaster12345 i already did

wait how do you screen shot i want to shoe you guys

Have you tried refreshing? Shutting down your device? Making another world? Trying again?

Try refreshing. Maybe restart your device. (This is a bug)

I’m pretty sure they don’t want to make another world

here wait im gonna try again wait here im gonna tell you if it works or not

nope still doesn’t work

oh never mind it works


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