How to get rid of sentry gadgets?

how do i do that

You can’t do that yet…

You can’t but there are guides out there to make the sentries to not attack

You can made them not attack by putting them on the same team as the players

Just put a wall around it if you have multiple teams

Yea, or an invisible barrier if you don’t want it to interfere with looks

There used to be one, however, josh removed that because he didn’t mean to put sentry interactions. Sentry Interactions were actually a bug, but most of the people enjoyed it.

But you could make it friendly by putting it to team 1.

How do you make an invisible barrier @VoidFluffy ?

Barrier, in the settings set it to not visible in-game
or alpha 0.01

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Thanks, that will be helpful in my maps!

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No problem, I’m here to help!
(not the user @Here_to_help)

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Oh, yeah Here_to_help exists

@VoidFluffy look at the last comment


Ikr is actually so funny how he stumbled upon it randomly

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