How to get my number lock working in gimkit creative

Here is the problem, while I tested it and the code looks correct you can press buttons out of order and it will still count the wrong order as correct
passcode for the number lock is 1231

What are the wires for? What do the checkers do? What is the property? Are there any blocks?
Please give some more information so people can help you better.

ohhhh i think i know whats going on the checkers are for making the counter go up to unlock the door and the buttons run the checkers to see if that is the right number idk what the property is for tho a better solution to this would be to make one time use buttons that transmit on a channel and make the counter go up to the target number tho he probs want it so its not onetime use @Shdwy i´ll have to figure that out later also welcome back to the community! @gimkitUser

Welcome back to the community @gimkitUser!

welcome back to the community @gimkitUser.

Welcome back, @gimkitUser!