How to get a starter item in the beginning of a game (Difficulty 1/10, or 🟦 )

This is how to make it so everyone gets a certain weapon in the beginning. You will need:
Required: Item Granter x1
Lifecycle x1
Wire x1
Spawn Pad x1

Step 1 : Make Lifecycle listen for game start
Step 2: Make an item granter grant a weapon of choice
Step 3: Wire Lifecycle to Item Granter so when pulse activated grant item
Step 4: Make sure all things are not visible
Step 5 (Optional): Put a spawn pad near to the other devices
Step 6: Customize in any way you want and have fun!
Hope you liked!


Nice first guide, @Jon_Gon! Also, welcome to the forum! Check out the beginner-must-read and forum-tips for more help!

You could simplify this by using a device called the “starting inventory” device. Also, this guide isn’t really a :yellow_square: guide, because those are for guides that have block code. I suggest making it a 1/10, or :blue_square:, as it uses 1 device. Maybe elaborate on what you could use this for? Like what the starting items could be used to do?


Great guide, but maybe use starting inventory? Also, lifecycle only broadcasts for the host. Welcome to the forums!

Nice guide, @Jon_Gon! Although this could be really easy since there is a starting inventory device.

But welcome to the forums! I recommend you reading through beginner-must-read and forum-tips.

What would be the point of a guide if it’s just one item?

Wait, yellows have block code? I thought only oranges and above require block code.

3/10 or :green_square: have very little block code required. 4/10 or :yellow_square: has some block code, but still, not very much.

Difficulties have changed. :yellow_square: back then may have become :green_square: or :blue_square: now due to the evolution of the knowledge of gimkit.

Back then to now scale:

:green_square: back then = :blue_square: or :white_large_square: now.
:yellow_square: back then = :yellow_square:, :green_square: or :blue_square: now.
:orange_square: back then = :orange_square: or :yellow_square: now.
:red_square: back then = :red_square:, :orange_square:, or :yellow_square: now.
:purple_square: back then = :red_square: or :orange_square: now.
:black_large_square:s will always be :purple_square: or :red_square: in my opinion.


For short, you could say “IMO” as it stands for “In My Opinion”.

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Should the forums have slang or not, that is the question

I don’t like using abbreviations like btw and imo because I think it makes a normal sentence that I have just created look ugly.

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You could also use the starting inventory device, right?

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Yes you could. Welcome to the forums.

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