How to fix the Camera Point Issue

Have you been having issues with the new camera point?

Well don’t fearr, stars is here!

Let’s start with the general issue everyone is having; when multiple camera points are being used, some camera points wont work properly.

The issue is mainly at game start; when the game is loading all the Lifecycles and camera points. Making the first camera point you use at the start of the game redundant.

The Fix

First, place a Lifecycle with these settings:
Screenshot 2024-06-04 9.42.22 AM

Then, place a trigger with a delay of 1 second. Place a camera point in a random place that you don’t care that people see, I personally put it at a fake loading screen Incase this was every officially fixed.

Put these settings into the trigger:
Screenshot 2024-06-04 9.40.13 AM

Now go to your redundant (first) camera point and put these settings in:
Screenshot 2024-06-04 9.41.38 AM

Finally, place your real camera point where you want it, make sure it activates on realfirstcutscene!

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Good guide! Ive seen a lot of people with camera point issues so this will be a great help.

if you used wires and wire repeaters it would save memory
but overall, this is a decent guide, just a little short, so maybe add “mini-guide” to the title?

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