How to find your game in the gimkit discovery search

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Reasons Why Your Game Won’t Show Up In Discovery - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

Already a thing, I think.


that guide I’ve read before its mainly about games breaking the publishing rules this is more so tips you can use to be able to search your game more easy

i’m pretty sure that they fixed the Discovery since the anniversary update…

it still works off description not title

For me, the update didn’t happen.

works fine for me lol

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This is a helpful guide!, why was it flagged?

Because if you read the replies before it basically already existed.


Can you please stop bringing up flagged posts?
Just let the posts fade away :|



If there are two of a guide, people are more likely to find it.

But if they search for it they can find it anyway. 2 just causes clutter.
Also as the hacker said

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