How to find the color of things

so i will tell you how to find out the color of things, this would be helpful if you want to get the perfect color of something so you can hide barriers. so here is how to do it.
(another problem I used a chrome extension to find it out so if you don’t want to do that then stop reading.)

I go to chrome extensions and find the extension called. “Colorpick Eyedropper” and download it. then once you have done that it should appear in your puzzle look for this
and pin it. and then you can click it and it will do something like this
Screenshot 2024-02-09 3.04.59 PM
and you’re done. you can now find out how to find the color of things. (but you can use any color finder app you want. this is the one i used though)

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yup, Good job on it @CoolGimkitPlayer better than making a topic, you made a guide!


you can also use any drawing app


What is your drawing app?

it’s in the instructions… in quotes!

Well, this guide is obscure! Nice one, though!

@th3_ca1tsune this is said in the guide

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what do you mean?

Sorry. I skipped over that. I skip over too much nowadays… :expressionless:



Same, now back on topic!

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Definition :arrow_up:

Why did you make this? Is there something important we need to know with this?

:roll_eyes: because there was a “help” question that asked it and I just thought that it might be helpful to tell everyone

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Hey, hey, you don’t have to roll your eyes. [emoji] I’m not necessarily saying it’s off-topic or anything, but just this is—different. Why do you think this is useful?

In my opinion, this is helpful. I’m just asking for yours.

I would suggest adding that you can use any drawing app to check as well

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well i think its helpful if you want something to blend in with another


Ooh! Yeah! That’s great!

or your making art (ex. A barrier gim) and you want it to look identical to what your recreating

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see, heres the problem with some forum users (no offense) YOur all so negative! Think of what it could be used for and congratulate them on that idea. show the positivity, The LOVE! think of what the forums could be like with no negativity and lots of love :slight_smile:

(@Gilacticat you might wanna see this)


Wait–if you’re confused, I wasn’t being negative.

I was just confused about why this was made. I didn’t understand it at first, but sometimes you should think about things, sometimes…