How to end the game when a team is eliminated (no block code)

How to end the game when all players are eliminated (no block code)
Difficulty: 4/10

Devices you need

Step 1
Place down your zone. Then, place down two or more spawn pads (how ever many teams there are) and set them to team 1, team 2, etc. place two triggers down. Set them to only be able to be triggered by team 1 or team 2.

Step 2
Wire the zone to the triggers like this:

make sure to do that for every trigger. Then, place down how every many counters there are teams. Wire one trigger to each counter. You might want to label the counters by which team they’re counting because it’s about to get really complicated. Make sure you set the starting number on the counters to 0 and the target numbers at 0 to.

Step 3
Place down your lifecycles. (one for each team.) Set it to player knocked out. Now get 2 more triggers, that can only be triggered by team 1 or team 2. Wire one lifecycle to each trigger like this:

Step 4
Place down one more spawn pad for each team (example: two teams=two original spawn pads + the two additional spawn pads.) Set the teams on the spawn pads to any team you want that’s not being used. That means you can’t select team 1 or team 2. I suggest just using team 15 or 14 to make sure your not already using that team. Now, place down two team switches that switch you to the new teams. Wire the triggers that are wired to the lifecycle to the team switchers.

Step 5
Place down a new zone. You could put it on top of the other one but they cant be active at the same time, the original one would have to be active first, count all the players, deactivate, then the new one activates. I’m going to tell you how to do it without the zones overlapping. Place down two triggers that can only be triggered by the new teams (14, 15) Wire the zone to the triggers the same as in step 2. Then, wire those triggers to the counters from step 2.

Step 6
Place down an end game device. Wire it to the counters from step 2. That’s it! You have a working automatic team counter and game ender! I might have explained it a little wrong and if I did please tell me and I’ll fix it!

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@mysz and @getrithekd also made a system similar to this so make sure to check theirs out too!
Credits: @Kosm0-o

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Also add credits.


No, this one guide is everywhere, and even gimkit made it…

Nice guide! This is explained in a different way, so make sure to credit the other guides before here! Maybe try fixing and correcting organization so it’s easier to read?
Other than that, nice guide!


I am pretty sure gimkit made one like yours:

NVM it doesn’t work…

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I was using this for a game I’m making and found a weird glitch where the whole thing just stops working if you make the counters invisible. So make sure to keep them visible in game!

I’m not sure that’s how it works… but instead of commenting rememeber to add it to the guide!

I looked into it more, and it doesn’t have to be visible, it has to be near you or the game just doesn’t register the system.

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