How to easily make fruit using the item image device

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Imma just warn you. This will probably get flagged for three reasons:

  1. Most people already know how to do this; it’s unnecessary
  2. It’s really short
  3. All the fruit guides have been getting flagged

There might be more idk/idc to type them all out
:slight_smile: have a nice day

At least he is teaching the fruit guide people something important.
“How to use item images”

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Thats why I didn’t flag it. I’m just warning him.
Unless it is clear copy, spam, or off-topic I don’t like to flag

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i liked this since u stand ur ground!!
alr im done
nice guide btw
corn! ive never seen such a beautfiul thing!

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This should be flagged.
There is more information in TUGTED than this.

I don’t see that info could you link if it does? @WhereIsMyCrown