How to do this with creative

How do I make a changing bilboard like it says agent of the month

You can make it to change color or message based on what you have as the trigger, like if a counter is reached it changes message, but you can’t have it set to a specific players name or leaderboard. At least I believe you can’t.

Maybe you can do it in block code?

Make a trigger trigger itself (10s delay). This trigger is triggered by a lifecycle. The trigger broadcasts to a random player relay that broadcasts on “newAgentOfTheMonth”. Make a text. In the blocks for your text, make it receive on “newAgentOfTheMonth”. Make it set the text to the triggering player’s name.

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Please don’t say that anything is impossible unless you prove that it’s impossible.


Lifecycle, Relay (Random Player), Trigger x2, (if you want it to switch) a Textbox and a prop of your choice.

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs --> (Relay) Trigger Relay

(Relay) Relay Trigger --> (Trigger 1) Trigger

(Trigger 1) Triggered --> (Trigger 2) Trigger

(Trigger 2) Triggered --> (Trigger 1) Trigger

(Trigger 1) Triggered --> (Text) Run wire pulse block

(Trigger 2) Triggered --> (Text) Run wire pulse block


Set Text | Triggering Player's Name

Set the Trigger delays to whatever you want.

You only need one trigger that triggers itself.

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Use block code to choose a random player and then make it the text

@dx7h it is NOT impossible.

I didn’t say it was impossible, just that I didn’t know if i could be done.


That part you can’t right now, the device is not in creative, only the main Dev’s have access to that device. But that is not me saying its impossible

Bro… There are 2 solutions here that don’t use dev devices…

Maybe get a relay that chooses a random player and then it sets the text using blocks by getting the players name @dx7h

okay I will try that ty

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