How to distinguish the difference in Device Categories

Hello! Today, we will be exploring and explaining the 4 categories of devices for you to find your needed device quicker without typing or scrolling.

Starting Devices

Devices you might need in every map they say. What they mean is that every level of Gimkitters will use these devices. If you’re relatively new, I suggest “Starting” out with these devices as they are the base of making a good map.
The Devices there are the following:
Spawn Pad, Trigger, Questioner, Item Granter, Item Spawner, Sentry, Starting Inventory, Teleporter, Wire Repeater.

Inventory Devices

Devices to manage what items & resources players have is the stated comment.
To dig further in, they mean anything relating to your inventory whether it has to do with items of gadgets, adding or removing, the Devices for your inventory are there.
The Devices in this category are the following:
Vending Machine, Item Granter, Starting Inventory, Item Spawner & Inventory Item Manager or IIM

Interaction Devices

Devices to create rich interaction is what is stated. Digging further in, they mean to create interactions in the game to make it more interesting. Maybe you walk somewhere and something will occur and interact with the player.
The Devices in this category are the following:
Button, Vending Machine, Zone, Popup & Text

Last but not least we have:

New Devices

Devices recently added to Gimkit Creative. So anything that has recently been added with be in this section. If there is a new update with new devices, one of the devices in that category might leave the category as they are no longer new, and the newest one will fill in its spot. Since the Devices in this category will be changing, I won’t list them.

In Conclusion,

The 4 categories can be helpful to maneuver quickly and find your desired device as long as you can tell the difference. As always, you could just search it up in the Search for Devices area or just scroll down. You should take into account that not all devices are in these 4 categories.


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