How to detect if there are any enemies in a zone

The title is self-explanatory.

No, if you are using sentries. Players on a seperate team, yes.

This is because sentry interactions was removed

Why did you want this feature? What is your game about? Maybe we can come up with something similar that works.

Also, sentries can’t move, so sensing if they were in a zone would be kinda pointless…

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if ur reffering to players on a seperate team you can just make a zone, and connect it to a notification device with a message of ur choice, i can give more derail if u want.

The game I’m making is simaler to a dungeon with lore. when all enemys have been defeated in a room, the game lets you go to another.

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for this you can connect an enemy to a barrier and set the barrier to hide when the enemy is defeated. for multiple sentrys idk tho.

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is it like a rouge-like?
If so,
you could wire up X amount of sentries to a counter where the target value is X
then, wire the counter to a barrier to deactivate. Make the area after the barrier to the next floor, so when you defeat all sentries, the next barrier should open and let you into the next area.

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so when a sentry is defeated, a message is sent to the counter?

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it should increase the counter’s value

ok im signing off for the night bye

Yeah, wire a sentry to a counter, sentry defeated - increment counter, make the target value on the counter however many sentries you have in the area, then wire the counter to the barriers, target value reached - deactivate barrier.