How to detect if a player dropped an item

So i am trying to make a sentry be attracted and teleport to a position when you drop cash, anyone can help me do that?

Sentry interactions have been patched so I don’t think this will be possible. If it is it will probably be harsh memory wise. Also, welcome to the forum, @Dungeonmaster!

Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your time here! I don’t believe I can help with this though.

Maybe use a checker for the dropped item part but the sentry part I don’t know.

How would you use a checker to check dropped items?

You cant teleport a sentry, but you can make it do something like this. place a invisable vending machine and have it take cash from a player, and when machine gets purchased spawn a sentry,(the sentry will be deactivated until item is purchased, then it will appear in game) and set the item that the sentry drops to the amount of cash that was taken away from the player to spawn it. So you get your cash back and kill the sentry. Make sense?

Use a certain device I don’t remember the name of, then wire it to the checker with run check and then if check fails transmit on " "

inventory manager? that would take more time and be harder to make.

Or @WolfTechnology’s way (which is probably easier)

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Ok ima try it , thanks for the help!

No problem, let me know if you need any thing else.

Okay it works, but is it possible for it to detect you just dropping from the inventory instead of using a vending machine? Cause i dont want the player to just see the vending machine and immediately know what to do

Make the vending machine invisible?

or better yet an invisible button wired to a far away vending machine so it actually is invisible

Yes i know but like even if it is invisible it can still pop a message of the vending machine when you walk over it. And i hope the player wouldn’t see something like “ drop money and summon sentry” or it really isn’t a puzzle anymore

no you could alays make the message a period or smt

No, because you can’t detect what was droped only allow it to drop, there is no way to track inventory items or gadget fire.

You can set it to allow purchase once, and then it will deactivate.

I think they just want the message to be invisible

you can do that by allowing it to be purchased and when purchase is done, machince deactivates, taking the message with it.