How to customize Sentry’s

I want to customize a sentry for a new game mode, can you help?

You can either turn it into a green evil plant, a pink evil plant, or a sentry robot.

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Welcome to the forum, @Technoblade! You could also place props above the sentry to make it look different.

(@mysz you copycat)

It’s a cool idea, what can I say?

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Left click on the sentry and edit all the options you need.

Also if you want to replicate a really weird glitch, you can create a glitch where the sentry has the default gim skin.

how do you do that? @WhoAmI

What exactly do you want to customize?

I’m not exactly sure. I know I saw that glitch once in an old escape room, and it seems to happen when someone else encounters the sentries and you are not in your screen. That is my guess.

You can make the sentry default but you could also put props on top of it with collosion off of course and there you go. A customized sentry

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