How To Create Unlockable Weapons Like One Way Out IN Gimkit Creative!

The title says it all here in my third guide to date. The idea is to have an item that isn’t possible to get, so your player has to accumulate enough kills/certain item to get the item!

For this you will need as many checkers as you have items (One Spawner=One Checker) and as many barriers as you have items (One Spawner=One Barrier) and one zone.

To Begin You Need to put the barriers around the item of choice that you want to restrain (visibility optional), and put the zone in the general area around it, like the room it’s in.

Now place the checker and it will create something like this, in my example the minimum being two score:

Now with your checkers in place, you can attach two wires to the zone, one stating If the check passes remove the barrier and the (optional) other saying if the result fails, you can connect it to a respawn or a notification. This works because everything within the barrier is removed.

If everything works, then the finished result should look like this:

If there’s any problems, tell me in the comments!


Nice guide!


Nice job!

Nice Guide, @GimGuy!
Doesn’t One Way Out use Vending Machines though?

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Nice guide but all you have to do if use a vending machine and when they complete a level, give them a certain item to open the vending machine.

It’s not strictly vending machines, though you DO have a very good point.

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Thank you @GimGuy ! I needed to know how to do to that and now I know! Nice guide too!