How to create the Roblox logo [Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜]

Hi guys! I discovered how to create the Roblox logo in GIMKIT! So, first, all you need is, 4 text devices.

The color should be any white or grey, and I used a very faint grey. The font should be Staaliches, and the size should be 90, it only works like that.

  1. First type ‘R’ for the R in Roblox
  2. Then find the white square emoji, :white_large_square:, and put that at the same settings, staaliches, otherwise it becomes a rectangle, in it’s own text box, put it at a slight angle
  3. Put the black square emoji, :black_medium_square:, at size 25, and that also at the same angle and another text box
  4. Then do the same settings from the ‘R’ but now with ‘BLOX’ in the last text box.
  5. For the ‘R’ and the ‘BLOX’, put the stroke width to 5, with the same color as before, and there you have it!

Don’t mind the gim! It is just sketch, glitching.

Happy Gimkiting!


fun guide! cool for anyone making a Roblox replica

I am using it in this
Roblox - ABCD - Help

I would like that but im out so…

a :heart: for you!

Great guide!

Can you remove the ideas tag? It is mostly for people who want ideas for a map. You can also add the difficulty: [Difficulty 0/10 or :white_large_square:]

nice guide!

sorry, doing the iready diagnostic

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oh no
good luck :skull:

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I finished! I got 648! Nice photo lmao

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Cool guide! :grinning: I actually play the game!

I pity you. [BTW, my speedrun is 30 minutes with a score of 720 for reading.]

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Now let us get back on topic!

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