How to create money

Hi! This is my first post.
I was wondering what, in gimkit creative, is the money for a vending machine called?

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Welcome to the forum! It’s called cash, but you can also use many other things as the currency.

Ok. The one i am looking for is shaped like a ball.

So like a coin?

Maybe. Ill take a screenshot


Thats a zapper, a weapon.

oh. A zapper. You’re using zappers as currency? You can’t really(to my knowledge) because they are weapons not items…. But imma go test this brb…

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Yes they can:

So yeah, you can. The rarity, just use whatever one your using as the currency…

oh, thanks! That is really helpful!

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With the vending machines, I believe you can set the currency to what you want it to be. You can use cash, keycards, or pretty much any item it allows you to use as currency as-long as you set it to that item. Oop never mind, solution found.

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