How to Create an Igloo You Can Enter! (Difficulty 1/10 🟩 Super Easy!)

I just randomly thought of this so I decided to make a guide! In this guide, I will show you how to create an igloo you can walk into!

Igloo Prop

Start by placing down an igloo which is found in the props tab. (It doesn’t matter if it has snow or not) Click on the igloo you placed and set the collision to off and transparency to 0.5. <-(That last dot is a period, not a decimal point.)

Barrier Work

Next, add a barrier which is found in the devices tab. Then click on the barrier and set “Visible in Game” to no and double check that collision for the barrier is on.

More Barrier Work

Click on the barrier you placed in Step 2 and click the button on the bottom left corner saying “Change Size”.

Size and rotate the barrier so it fits one side of the back of the igloo blocking a player from going through one side of the back. (I know my instructions are complicated and somewhat confusing but look at the pictures. They help A LOT.)

More Extra Barrier Work

Using the barrier you sized and placed in Step 3, copy it 5 times (7 times if you wanna get somewhat detailed i guess)

Rotate and resize these copied barriers to fit around the igloo as shown in the image below.

Teleporter Time

Then, add a teleporter devices outside of the igloo. (Place it outside of the igloo so you can configure it and wire it before putting it in the igloo.) Set the “Visible in Game” property to no.

Copy the teleporter so you have 2 now. In the first teleporter which i will name “outside igloo”, set its target teleporter to the other teleporter which I will name “iniside igloo” Also set the target for “inside igloo” to “outside igloo” (If you did it right, you should go in one and come out the other.)

Building the Inside

Move the first teleporter into the igloo as shown in the image below.

Then move the second teleporter wherever you want to build the inside of your igloo. Place snow as the floor and place frozen lake/ice as the walls as shown in the image below. (Make sure you place the ice or whatever you use for the walls as walls!)Also feel free to change the terrain materials as wanted or even add zones to limit sight!

(The circled teleporter is the second teleporter.)

Decorate and Fix!

Lastly, just add props to the inside of your igloo to make it cozy or homey or however you want it! I decorated mine as shown below but you can decorate yours however you want!

For the last step, change the transparency or the original igloo prop to 1 and then your done!

This is the very first guide I’ve ever made and I hope you all like it. It can be a bit complicated at times and skip some steps but I hope the images also helped. Let me know in the replys if you guys liked this. Thanks for reading! :smiley:

Also, let me know how difficult this guide is.

  • 1/10 Super Easy
  • 2/10 Pretty Easy
  • 3/10 Easy
  • 4/10 Little Easier than Moderate
  • 5/10 Moderate
  • 6/10 Little Harder than Moderate
  • 7/10 Kinda Hard
  • 8/10 Hard
  • 9/10 Pretty Hard
  • 10/10 Super Hard
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