How to create a Sentry ShotGun!

This was originally brought to my mind when I posted a certain post (you can see that here: click this!). However this definitely feels like something that should be used more. This is my first guide, so I accept all feedback! Anyways, here’s how to build a Sentry ShotGun!

  1. First, create a Sentry.
  2. Set the settings for the sentry. The gadget should be a quantum portal (you can change it to your liking (which I will get to in a second), the Aim Accuracy should be set to Very Low, and Fire Rate should be set to Fastest.
  3. Now, copy and paste the sentry to your liking (at least 5 times to be effective) in the same spot.
  4. Enjoy! Feel free to tweak the difficulty of it by changing the gadget, the aim accuracy, etc.

If you did all the steps correctly, it should look like this:

Keep in mind I am aware of the name there, that’s why I use the nickname “Idiocracy”.
Feel free to show me how it went for y’all and if there’s anything I should change :smiley:


quick bump just for a funni

This is cool! I might use this in my map

Thank you! I love to see this is helpful.

This is great! I will definitely use this for my map.

1.This is a little bit short
2.This might not be new for people and seem obvious to them so this might get flagged.
3.Possibly add more pictures?

  1. That’s why I set it under mini-guide
  2. The only existing guide that is like this is How to make a sentry shotgun.
  3. I don’t really know, as I said, this is my first guide.

so THATS why you were copy and pasting a bunch of sentries on top of one another. Maybe add a warning that the bug may occur.

Lmao maybe ahaha

Imagine trying to dodge all these sentries…
Disable the reload time in map options for extra chaos…

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This is your first guide? Looks great!

Nice guide, @Undertale!

I made my own sentry blastball team…
Screen recording 2024-05-15 10.45.17 PM (

hehe ive played with this before

i like to use one sentry of each aim accuracy


hey, thanks for linking my post but I noticed that this is almost exactly like mine though (although I did blaster). next time try to create stuff that may be more original.

nice guide!
dont take offense pls but there are already multiple guides on this
( i made one too! Better Boss Sentries )

Oh. I didn’t know, my bad.