How to create a randomizer that doesn't pick that same option again?

I’m trying to implement random tasks, but if use the block code random variable, it has a chance of picking same task twice. How to bypass this?

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look in among-us and look for guides about tasks or search in the search bar

I copied that, so now I’m asking how to implement not for the same outcome twice. Good idea though.

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I’m not 100% how to use blocks sorry!
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Well, you could set the original outcome to a variable. then, check if the new randomized thing is equal to the old one. if so, do it random again

but this is kind of hard and will break once you have another task happen since then

Are you trying to create a random order or select a few from a list?

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Select few from a list, why?

This is what I have so far with 5 tasks. I used a repeater to repeat the trigger 3 times so you would get 3 tasks.

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Because a random order is alot easier, I’ll try to work on somthing but I dont think it’ll work. Sorry

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(By the way, you can simplify and shorten that with concatenation, but since you have already placed all of that blockcode I wouldn’t do that for now. Just keep it in mind for future projects. Here is the link to a guide about it.)

Anyway, on each if statement add an “and” block. Place the “random task =_” block inside of it but also add a block checking if a property equals false(use the text block, not the true/false block so you don’t have to go through the trouble of turning the properties into true/false properties). If so, broadcast message on channel and set that property to true.

I forgot to add, at the start of the game connect a lifecycle to blockcode that makes the properties equal to false.

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I definitely do, it’s great to see what our community can accomplish!


Can’t you do that from the start, make the initial = to false?

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I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but unless you place property devices every text property at the start, when left alone, will not have a value. You have to set them to have one if you don’t want property devices everywhere.

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