How to create a knocked/downed system?

Is it possible for you to lose all your health, and still live but be knocked/down while a teammate comes to revive you?

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I think this maybe possible? Perphaps

You could make a place where knocked out players stay and if an alive person defeats all the sentries in that place they can revive you

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Try a movement meter to keep them stuck in one place

Ye but HOW do you make them knocked in the first place? @Haiasi

Lifecycle (player knocked out) > trigger (1sec delay)

Triggered > Teleport Player Here

The trigger has to be used because respawn is not instant and takes a few miliseconds.

How do you get them back in their original position though? Plus where would the player revive them in a pvp 2v2 scenario?

Oh ok thanks @Haiasi

You could use coordinate systems for that.

I guess you can put a barrier that only the living teammate can unlock? (Dead teammate drops item, item unlocks barrier) And once barrier unlocked, teammate come out, continue battle

in a 64x64 map you would need 4096 teleporters… (not including the abundant amount of triggers and data registration)

I mean you wouldn’t put a teleporter in every tile but yeah, there isn’t a real pratical way to do it.

Why would I need 4096 teleporters?

just to make sure a player isn’t in a dead space or actually teleports where they are revived. (you could just use general teleports to optimize memory though which is like 8x more efficient)

I don’t think that you can do this since knocking a player out immediately respawns them. It technically is possible with a coordinate system and a bunch of teleporters, but that’s so tedious and impractical that I consider it impossible.

Yep, it is possible but it’s extremely tedious to the point where you either have no more memory or run out of memory to complete the whole map.

Does it work?