How to create a bedwars overlay for the # of players and bed condition for each team (difficulty 5/10 🟨 )


Note: that this will take about 4500 memory about 2-3% memory usage

step 1


First create 4 counters, 4 relays and 4 number properties.

(Do not mind the wires)

For the relays the setting should be like this

Do this for every team

For the properties try to copy down what I did for the names and channels but you can use your own.

You have already created the properties and these should be the settings make sure to keep it a number property and the 4 properties must have different names.

Now for the counters
Make them have a target value of 0 (this will be explained at the end) and update the property of it’s own like so:

And for another counter:

Also make sure the counters reset on channel PKO

Once you have that done for every team create a lifecycle with an event of game start and a wire repeater with a delay of 1 sec. Then wire the lifecycle with the wire repeater then wire the wire repeater to each of the relays like so:

Once done wire the relay to it’s specific team counter . Then get another lifecycle at the event of player knocked out and get another wire repeater with a delay of 1 sec and wire the lifecycle to the wire repeater and also triggering all the relays. (You are basically copying what we did but with the event of Player knocked out instead of game start). Also when events occurs make it transmit on channel PKO to reset the counters.

There you are you finished step1!!!

Step 2

Now make a game overlay with these settings:

No blocks needed to be done so far :face_exhaling:

Next You want to create pop up with the following settings for team 1

For team 2

Do this for your 4 teams until you are done for the last pop up these will be the settings:

This is very tiring honestly.
Your have finished step 2!!!

Step 3

Now again create 4 more properties these will be for the bed condition:

With the settings for each property:

Now go to the beds that will be destroyed by a button or a weapon meaning the beds used in the game if the beds are destroyed by a button then the settings for the button will be like this:

Do this for every team and if your bed is destroyed by a weapon the settings for the bed will be:

If this is the case do what the image shows you and now we have completed step 3😁

Step 4 the blocks

We will now be using blocks the time has come. First create 4 triggers with the original settings except triggering when the button to destroy the prop is clicked or if it is destroyed by a weapon. Now for the blocks:

Make a new block and these should be the settings of it:

Do this for all the triggers except changing the property for the Beds that start with the default value of 1!!

Now create 4 more pop ups with the following settings except changing the channels:
example #1:

Example #2:

Now go into the blocks section of the pop up.

When receiving on the channel with the block code of this inside:
Do this for every pop up and change the property corresponding with the team and change the channels B1-P1-G1-R1

Yay we finished it and now for the final part (optional)

Ending the bedwars game

First create a counter with a target value of 1
Then get a relay with the settings of:

Then get a lifecycle with the event of Game start.
Wire the life cycle to the relay triggering it and wire the relay to the counter incrementing it.

Now the 4 counters that had the target value of 0 wire each of them to the counter with the target value of 1 . Target value reached —> decrement counter. Now get an end game device. Now wire the counter with a target of 1 to the end game device so when target value reached it ends the game.

Fell free to edit my post they may be some mistakes

Final Project:


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