How to Create a Battle Royale/Fortnite Game Mode

Hello, Gimkit! Happy second day of July! America’s birthday is comping up soon (and so is mine!) I have recently created a game mode called • Gimkit Battle Royale • and it works perfectly! In the game, you brawl to the de@ath with weapons, opening crates as you go. The walls are closing in on you as well, so you better win, and fast! It’s very fun to play when you gather up your friends. Unfortunately, you can’t share game codes in the forum, and I also don’t have enough gimbucks to publish my game, so I have no way to let you guys enjoy the experience. (I may or may not have been wasting my gimbucks on cool gims…) So I did the next best thing - make an easy guide on how to make this game mode! :smiley: Let’s hop in! :point_down:


I trapped the players on a grassy island surrounded by miles of ocean. I used normal, green grass, as well as the dark blue water for the ocean. You can do the same or make anything you’d like! You could be trapped on a snowy mountain, or be trapped in a disco party, or anything else you want! Be sure to add tons of props to liven up the game, as well as some props without collision to hide in! :ninja:

Items N' Crates

I would recommend providing a starting inventory for your player. I gave them a common zapper. Use the starting inventory device for this.
Screenshot 2024-07-01 143525
If you’re going to use a movement meter, provide the player with energy for starting inventory.
If you want to add some more items to your game, put crates. You’ll only need three devices for this: a button, an item granter, and an fruit box (empty) prop. Make the button not visible to players in-game. Toggle the active scope to player. Now comes the challenging part: making it so that the button can only be pressed once. Go to channels, and broadcast a channel you won’t use anywhere else in your game when the button is clicked. (I used the word crate then whatever number the crate was.) Then, deactivate the button when it receives this channel. Here’s what I did for crate #4’s button:

Then wire the button up to the item granter to grant the item! (Button pressed → Grant item) If you feel creative, you could also wire the button up to a health granter, damage boost, or anything else you’d like! Finally, add the actual crate; the empty fruit box prop. It should look something like this:
Screenshot 2024-07-01 143836
There! You have a starting inventory and crates!


We don’t want people to respawn in this game. This way, we’ll only have one player left at the end. It’s pretty easy to make this mechanism. All you need is a lifecycle device and a team switcher. Set the team switcher’s switch strategy to ‘Specific Team’ and set the team to ‘Spectators.’ The lifecycle should listen for the event ‘Game Start.’ Now, wire the lifecycle to the team switcher. (Event Occurs → Switch player to configured team) There! Now anyone eliminated will become a spectator.
How will we end the game when only one player is left? Actually, I had no idea. :sweat_smile: But thanks so much to @potato1 for this guide: (I shortened the URL)
After following @potato1’s awesome guide, you should have an end product that looks like this:
Screenshot 2024-07-01 163546
There! You’ve gotten a working elimination system!

The walls are closing in!

In Fortnite, less of the map is available to you after some time. The boundaries close in on you. I managed to create a [original] system to do just this. It’s pretty complicated, but stick with me, and I’ll explain. You’ll need the following items:

  • 1 Lifecycle
  • A lot of counters
  • A lot of repeaters
  • A lot of barriers
    Don’t worry, though. I said ‘a lot of’ because the number will vary depending on how you want to build your game. It’s not that memory intensive, don’t worry! Here are the steps, with detailed explanations and screenshots:
  1. First, you should set the lifecycle to Game Start. Wire this to a repeater.

  2. Set the repeater to the following settings:

  1. Use a counter with a starting value of however many seconds you want before the walls begin closing in. I set mine to 30, meaning that 30 seconds after the game begins, the walls will close in. Decrement the counter by 1 when the counter receives the channel second1. In the ‘Target’ section, set the target value of the counter to zero. When the target is reached, send the channel fogA.

  2. Copy the repeater you made earlier. (So you’re repeating the repeater…? :joy:) Start the repeater when receiving on fogA. Stop it when receiving on fogB. And transmit on second2 instead of second1. Copy the counter as well and simply change the ‘decrement counter by 1’ channel to second2 too. Change the starting value as you’d like.

  3. Keep repeating this until you’re satisfied. Mine looks somewhat like this:
    Screenshot 2024-07-01 163952
    All you need to do is keep changing the channels so that it’s different each time.

  4. Finally, we’ll make some barriers. Ok, that’s a lie. We’ll make A TON of barriers.
    IMPORTANT!!! Do this step last, since after adding the barriers, you can’t really add props or destr0y terrain or anything. So PLEASE SAVE THIS FOR LAST!
    With that out of the way, let’s begin with our walls. We’ll need to layer our barriers, with each layer coming later. I would add at least 5 layers, but it’s up to you what you want to do. This is how the barriers would look:

    Real life:

Add in the first 4 barriers, which would create the first layer. Do this around the edges of your island (or whatever area you are trapped in.) You can color the barriers however you’d like! For the first layer, set the barriers to the following settings:
Screenshot 2024-07-02 084854

You can copy this however many times you want, changing the channel to fogB, fogC, and so on. As long as you place enough repeaters, you can place just as much barriers!

Congrats! You’ve made the walls close in on you!

Great job! You’ve finished your own Battle Royale/Fortnite game mode! Feel free to make your own tweaks to how you want to make your game, and have fun!

Please provide a rating on how easy this was to understand. I’d appreciate it, and it will help me for my next guide!

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Have a great time building your games! :grin:


I suggest setting the barriers to above players so it covers everything up. Nice guide!

Some criticism:

There are already guides on this

Repeaters are useless… they can be mimicked with other devices for less memory.

your system for crates could be made better if you add a random loot system with block code

your zone shrinking system is also bad… you can just use Zone devices so players aren’t soft locked


Dude. Please Never Use Repeaters.


@VoidFluffy sorry I didn’t know

And PLEASE, do not use “bAbY lAnGuAgE” around me. I find it irritating as heck and it drives me insane. (even more insane than I already am.)


@That_Fedora_Guy I know I fixed it after I did the screenshot but never edited the screenshot because I was lazy… :sweat_smile:

BTW, does anyone have anything positive to say about my guide (except @That_Fedora_Guy)

you guys dont have anything good to say about my guide…? :sob:

I still thought it was June :skull:

I agree with chrys and fluffy (on the guide criticism part). You want something positive buuuuut, what is there to say when your systems aren’t efficient, this can be considered as a dupe guide, and there are enough battle royale games out there, trying to copy Fortnite, as of right now. I do have one positive thing to say: I liked that you used a diagram to explain your zone system even though your zone system is not the best thing.


I think that it is good, and personally, I haven’t seen a guide on this that is this good.