How to Consolidate Channels So a Channel only Broadcasts to One Player

The goal is to make it so that a channel only broadcasts to the triggering player.


Relay can’t transmit only to a single player.

I don’t think you can really do that without confusing the channels or making it not work at all. But you can try relays.

Well then I don’t think you can, at least right now.

Should I set the tag to Unresolved?

You can untill like the code genuises like @getrithekd and @Shdwy get online.

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Set scope to player

What do you mean that it only broadcasts to one player? I need more specifics.

I already did that set the player scope to player.

What about the thing that recieves on the channel

Sorry the title is slightly unclear. The idea is more that I am using blocks in order to add numbers to a property. For some reason, the property is being added to all players even though I set it to only add to the player in the property.

OK I want to know what exactly you want to be broadcasted, like what device? Channels ik

Player scoped property

Done that been there I already did that.

Who do you want to add it to? What device or event broadcasts on the channel?


Thats what I was asking

Sorry, I need to leave right now but the idea is that the channel is broadcast from blocks. This may be a property problem though.

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I still need to asses the problem a bit more.

from blocks. Well I’m not sure abt that