How to clear (or simply drop) a specific item from a players inventory when they are knocked out

I’m making a keep away game. I need it so that when a player is knocked out, they lose the GimFish in their inventory. They will also have energy in their inventory, and that needs to stay there.

Hold on I think I saw a help topic on this once…

Just use a knockout manager to make them drop the fish!

you gave them a item when they spawn.

I think they solved it here.
Edit: I didn’t read the title hard enough.

I have tried this but I thought it made the player who got the knock out get or lose the item not the player who got knocked out

Use a lifecycle set to player knocked out, then get a item granter set to -1, and wire the lifecycle to the item granter.

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This is a setting in the inventory item manager that I have a small suspicion may help you.

Screenshot 2024-04-23 11.22.39 AM

Yeah you just have to change that setting

Omg thanks I think this actually worked!


Didn’t work :frowning_face: idk what to do can someone else try solving

help this is so confusing

What is your problem???

Kraveez, there have been guides on this already, pls search before you post,

that could come off wrong…

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Oh, I mean I didn’t mean it like that, its just kinda confusing since they said

But then that it didn’t work, and some_kid said a setting in the inventory item manager, but how does that relate to the problem, so now I’m confused waht the problem is.

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I looked and it didn’t work for mine

Gonna try this… is there a way to make it so that the player who got the knockout gets the GimFish

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Oh you want that too? Well in that case…