How to check number of props/terrain

I’m worried that I will hit the 5,000 prop limit for my map. Is there a way I can check how many I have? Can I likewise check terrain?

I don’t think you can but it will tell you if your close :slight_smile:

when I hit the limit I just refresh and I can place walls again

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Ok. Thank you :grin:

you can bypass the limit that easy

wait really? Is this reliable and does this work with terrain?

that’s exactly what I use it for
@jelloboss lol yes

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I’ve never hit the prop limit so I don’t know if it works for that too

are freaking kidding me I’ve been struggling with this for months why am I learning this now

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ouch yeah I think you can trick the game into not detecting when the walls are there and the way it renders the game it’s not that hard

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I even made a topic asking how to bypass this and no gave me an answer why/pain :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I work with logic
to make a sentry not hold a gadget in your other help topic put a prop over it where the gadgets will be

I got to go bye and good luck on your map @Domini-Kumo

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