How to change the words on a chalkboard (Difficulty 1/10 or 🟦 )

  1. Add a chalkboard
  2. Add two different texts, one with the original and one with the text that it will be changed to. (Use the top left corner button to change the layers so the text is on top).
  3. Add a button. (Optional: change button message to Read Chalkboard).
  4. Add channel for button so when button pressed, transmit on “Chalkboard”. Make the button invisible in game if you wish.
  5. Put the original starting text to deactive on “Chalkboard” and the new text that it will become to active on “Chalkboard”. Put both texts on top of each other and make the second text so that it is NOT visible when the game starts.
    That’s all!

Hey @ObedEdom. Nice guide!
I suggest you add pictures as they can help new gims.

I love me pictures, but this is VERY basic and easy to understand. @ObedEdom, good job on the guide! Good detail!

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Nice job! I suggest you add screenshots to make it even better, but overall, very good! I tweaked the title a little bit.