How to change score to height?

How do I change the score to height, and how do I make it so I can end the game at a specific height?

oh also, how do you have questions in the bottom left screen, and how do you make it so it takes energy to move

for the height are you using platformer? for the questions you will need an overlay and questioner. for the energy you need a movement meter. If you want to make it so questions give energy connect an item granter with energy and set it to how much it gives them connect the questioner to the item granter with a wire
Edit: if this helps mark solution. I will be in school so I can’t reply rn. If you want me to be more elaborate pls reply.

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I do not think you can do hight. The questions just to what @Kosm0-o said

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thanks, but yes, i am using a platformer

I don’t have the season ticket but i think you use a property or something I guess???

You could use a lot of zones that update a property, but that uses a lot of memory.

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Currently, the best way we have it using a waypoint, though it counts down to the top rather than up.

maybe you could have the amount subtract the total height. So suppose max height is 1000, you subtract that by the distance the player is from it.

try that out. maybe you found something new. though how would we do that?

is there an option to check the distance? I haven’t experimented much with way points.

Or you could use triggers on each surface.

that would be very buggy

If you did it in a particular way, it would work.

also how would you change it in the air???

You couldn’t. It updates when you land.

and there would be too many triggers taking up too much memory.

what about an alternative. Instead you can use certain checkpoint like platforms that you have to touch to get points however they don’t respawn you at that point.

It’s either that or zones or triggers.

zones would be more ideal