How to avoid vending machine bugs (top-bottom edition)

I’m not talking about the one already made by @chunky (but it’s a good one!) I’m talking about the glitch that happens when you place too many vending machines.

What happens exactly

What happens is when you start the game, you can go through the vending machine. This what I call “Decoy devices”

What are decoy devices?

This can happen to any device but when you make too many devices at a time, it will, as I said before, be able to go through like a floor-block. to avoid this you can do one of two things

1. refresh

You can refresh the page causing the decoy to disappear, usually, this is good but sometimes it still fills up the limit even though it’s “supposily” gone, then you can do the other thing.

2. delete it in-game

After seeing it as a decoy, you can delete it, that way it doesn’t take up too much memory and space.

I wasn’t sure to put this in bugs or guides, I’ll chang it to the one it should be in

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thanks, I wasn’t sure at first

good guide though, @OOF! (I’m happy I invited you here lol)