How to allow a player to heal other players

What the title says. For context, I’m making a class based dungeon crawler game that relies on teamwork. So there are classes like Healer, Protecter, etc.
Edit: If possible, I would like the healer to have a weapon that heals other players, like in (beast game)

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maybe they press an overlay that updates something that heals everyone?? Idk


Maybe you could have the healer’s have an access to med kits? (Constantly throughout the game?)


I think @NextLevel wants to make the healer be able to heal other players, not just themselves

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@The_7th_Dragon He could allow them to drop it for other players to use maybe?


Maybe have lasers cover all the rooms, and make them do 0 damage, and have them grant health

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That’s a good idea, I didn’t think of that!

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Here is a way to make a cooldown

You one boxed my comment. LOL

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How about a game overlay button and a relay?

You could mix your regenerating health guide’s concept mixed with a game overlay

What do you mean by that?


Reign* do u mean?


What else would it be? He hasn’t created any other guides.

Common mistake. lol

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Well, you could either use a coordinate system or you can use pseudo-items, and repetitively give the “doctor” med-kits. Those are the only things I can think of.


thanks for your ideas everyone, but the best I can do is make the healer have a button that heals everyone with a cooldown, then just give them a weak weapon

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