How to after 1 game set all the players who are spectators back into team 1

When they get tagged 3 times it sets them into a spectator, but after the round they cant go back, I don’t know if their is a way to solve this, but if their is I would appreciate the help.

I don’t think there is, I think you have to end the game to reset. Although there might be a way with the team switcher.

What I’m confused about is when I end the game they don’t go back from spectator, it could be something in my code, or it could be the map settings, but it wont switch back.

because there is no way to go from spectator to player. The most you can do is end game every round and restart.

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I’m confused though because when I end the game they are still a spectator.

that is a bug. Its quite common and its by far annoying. The answer that we have to that is to leave and rej0in the game. Because as of right now we don’t have a valid way to fix that bug and it has yet to be patched.

Oh, I was confused because I have already set up multiple ways to stop the tagging item and reset it, but if it’s a bug I cant do much, thanks for this info.

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The best way to do this would be to teleport the player who is tagged to a “You d i e d” room until the end of the round

i think its the team switcher that is set to spectator, so a room would sort of be usrless unless you take away the spectator and have it just be a respawn.

Yes that would be the only available option, but I still do like the fact that the players can spectate the tagger to see where he is and warn other players.

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Yes WolfTechnology that would be correct, the problem would be that the spectate mechanic is gone, but it’s fine, that is not entirely needed for the game, thanks for the help.

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Yeah, if you want you can email gimkit on this, the more reports of the bug the faster it should get fixed or you can make a nolt suggestion on the way to make a better version.

here is how to make one of those rooms. Or at least the way to get to it.

just use teleporters
set the teleporter to invisible, add a knockout manager: “player knocked out”->“teleport player here”
wait, is that possible

Isn’t there a setting on the tag zone when you wire it to something?

I will switch to the room for now, but how do you specifically contact Gimkit to report a bug is there a special website I don’t know about?

you can email them at


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