How to add music to your game

In a game I’m playing there is music in the game how do you do it

PS The game is that I found that had music Squid Game Glass Bridge


In settings, there are pre approved music soundtracks, try them out, and see if they fit with your vibe.

Thanks that pretty helpful

No problem! I find epic battle works well with more competitive things, so you might like that.

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wait can code it where you make it come on like on certain times or moments

Nope, it’s permanent for the whole game.
If we had a music device, we could probably activate and deactivate it.

mmm dababy
(joke about music cutting on and off)

thanks for the info for letting me know

There’s pre-approved music, go to settings (bottom left corner), map options, and scroll down and pick your own music track.

If you also mean by putting your own music (downloaded), that’s not possible, yet…

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