How to add Game Overlays to a popup

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Use the call to action setting.

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okay see if it will work

Wire a popup to game overlay
Primary call to action clicked < Show overlay

What is a game overlay?

It is a device, it shows up on one of the corners of your screen either showing text, the amount of an item you have, or a button. There are a lot of uses for overlays, for example making a sort of chatting area.


it no working

The buttons for the call-to-actions don’t work? Can you screenshot?

Wait… can you even add a Game overlay to a popup?

@val_cypher_is_me what do you want the game overlay to do when it is wired to a popup, also what do you want a pop up to do?

Do you want to overlay to open the popup, or for there to be a button on the popup?

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@Crimson_Knight I Want It To Open Another Pop Up

Get another popup, On the 2nd popup, write whatever you want.

Get a wire - wire the 1st popup to the 2nd popup.

Primary Call To Action Clicked -------------> Open Popup

@val_cypher_is_me this might help:

Hopefully this helped.