How to add building, like in Fortnite, to your battle royale map. (ONLY USING DYNAMIC STONE)

Alright, so, I just updated a map of mine with building, and it’s awesome! I just wanted to show ya’ll how to add building and harvesting to your battle royale maps.
So first things first, you’ll need (depending on the amount of rocks or other things you have on your map) a rock with collision enabled, an item granter, a starting inventory device, and that’s about it.
First, take your starting inventory device and have it give the player one pickaxe of any rarity. Then take your rock and place it with damage enabled and these settings.

You can adjust and customize your rock’s settings, like health based on it’s size, but these are the basic settings you’ll wan’t. After that, take the item granter have it receive on the channel you have the rock transmitting when it is finished off by the pickaxe, like this

Make sure the item granter grants the stone or whatever material when receiving on the channel the rock or whatever prop you want transmits. This will allow you to hit the prop and get the materials. Also make sure damage on the prop IS ENABLED or this WILL NOT work. This is only my second post/topic, so some feedback on what I can do better or anything like that will be great. Hope I explained it all great, and please ask questions if needed.

So, I assume this only works well with platforming mode?

No you can use it for both modes! That’s why it’s awesome!!

This is cool to know. However, this guide is (quite literally) short and simple. It’s not that hard to figure out on your own, so idk if a guide is worth it. That’s just my cup of tea.


True that true that.

thats neat, never knew you could in top down mode.

Never played fortnite before, so correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the whole point of building getting to high places?

Also, you don’t have to only use dynamic stone. If you can work with props to do the other dynamic terrain, you could use something else.

You can build to get high, but you can also use it to block weapons from hitting you.

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Nice guide!

can’t wait to crank 90’s and seed edit on some people! :slight_smile: :grin:

Oh my goodness, I just realized how crazy the box fights can get.

yeah with quantum posterals and slingshots, oooh its going to be good.


I have a question? How do you even suppose to add those block to build when the game starts? you could only do that if you are in edit mode.

Oh never mind lol.

However, it’s not great in top down because you can place blocks ANYWHERE on your screen, no matter how far. This makes it feel unnatural when fighting against other people :frowning:

but DLD ain’t free yet

@DUUDE you shoulda add more pics for more info.

Sounds good I’ll try that

It might feel unnatural but it’s still pretty cool